Dec. 15, 2015





BALTIMORE, MD – With the Civil Penalty Waiver Program wrapping up Nov. 16, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) began sending final notices this month to the registered owners of approximately 116,000 vehicles with unpaid toll violations and civil penalties.  The notices inform violators they will be referred to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) for non-renewal and suspension of their vehicle registrations if payment is not received in 15 days.  Referrals to the MVA begin Dec. 29.  

“The registered owners of 137,000 vehicles took advantage of the waiver program and the MDTA collected approximately $3 million in tolls, but there is still unpaid toll debt out there,” said MDTA Executive Director Milt Chaffee.  “With the MVA referrals starting this month, some toll violators won’t be able to legally drive their vehicles until they pay their toll debt, civil penalties and other fees.”

In addition, out-of-state registered owners will have their Maryland toll debt referred to Maryland’s Central Collection Unit (CCU) in January.

Customers with unpaid Video Tolls and civil penalties can pay by the following methods:

  • Visit (click PAY VIDEO TOLLS).
  • Call the Maryland Video Toll Payment Line at 1-866-320-9995 during regular business hours (7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday – Friday).
  • Visit an E-ZPass Maryland Stop-In Center (locations/hours at
  • Mail check/money order payable to E-ZPass Maryland to P.O. Box 17600,
    Baltimore, MD 21297 (include license plate number with payment).

In 2013, the Maryland General Assembly passed new legislation establishing a civil citation process to help the State collect unpaid Video Tolls.  The ability to flag or suspend the registrations of motorists who continue to ignore their bills – even after ample time to pay – gives the MDTA the tool it needs to collect unpaid Video Tolls. 

With Video Tolling, registered vehicle owners receive a Notice of Toll Due (NOTD) for using any of Maryland’s eight toll facilities without paying with cash or E-ZPass®.  The NOTD allows the vehicle owner to pay the Video Toll transaction in 30 days without any penalties or additional fees.

Those who do not pay within 30 days receive a civil citation and $50 penalty for each unpaid Video Toll transaction in addition to the Video Toll amount.  The owner may pay the citation and penalty or contest the citation in District Court.  Motorists who do not pay or contest within 30 days will be referred to the MVA as follows:

  • Less than $1,000 (unpaid tolls and penalties) – Referred for non-renewal flag of vehicle registration.
  • $1,000 or more (unpaid tolls and penalties) – Referred for suspension of vehicle registration.