June 4, 2012

Contact:  Sgt. Kirk E. Perez, 410-977-7724

Smooth Operator" Kicks Off as Summer Travel Ramps Up

BALTIMORE, MD -- The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police will hit the roads June 3 - 9 to enhance travel safety and target aggressive drivers during the first wave of the multi-state Smooth Operator Program.

"Law enforcement agencies in the region are taking a stand against aggressive driving, which increases the risk for motor-vehicle crashes, said MDTA Police Senior Commander Maj. Michael T. Kundrat.  With the summer travel season underway, there will be increased traffic volume and increased percentage of aggressive drivers on our roadways."

According to the Maryland Highway Safety Office, in 2009, 6,145 crashes were reported as a result of aggressive driving.

The Smooth Operator Program was developed as a cooperative effort among law-enforcement agencies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia to reduce the number of crashes caused by aggressive driving.  The initiative extends across four "waves," which begin this week and end in September.  In addition to increased enforcement, Smooth Operator raises public awareness about aggressive driving and includes evaluation of the programs effectiveness.  Visit for more details.

The MDTA Police also supports the "Choose Safety for Life" campaign -- a partnership to save lives and prevent injuries on Marylands roadways.  This campaign encourages drivers to make safe decisions when driving on Maryland highways.  The campaign focuses on attentive driving, seatbelt use, defensive driving, slower driving and not driving while impaired.