Aug. 10, 2016




Aggressive Drivers Are Closer Than You Think


BALTIMORE, MD – From Aug. 11 - 20, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police will continue to enhance highway safety and target aggressive drivers during the third wave of the multi-state Smooth Operator Program.  

The Smooth Operator Program is a cooperative effort among law-enforcement agencies to reduce the number of crashes caused by aggressive driving.  Aggressive driving includes speeding, tailgating, running red lights and stop signs and unsafe lane changes. The campaign encourages motorists to make decisions that help ensure a safe driving environment for everyone on the road.  

Smooth Operator began in 1997 and focuses on the four “E”s: Enforcement, Education, Evaluation and Engineering.  Law-enforcement agencies throughout the region have increased patrols and public awareness, researched previous campaigns and helped develop long-term roadway solutions.  For more information, please visit

The MDTA Police also support the “Toward Zero Deaths” campaign -- a partnership to save lives and prevent injuries on Maryland’s roadways.  For more information, visit  For more information on seatbelt safety, please visit

The Maryland Transportation Authority Police, a nationally accredited force, is the seventh-largest law-enforcement agency in the state, with more than 600 sworn and civilian law-enforcement professionals. MDTA Police officers provide law enforcement at the MDTA’s highways, bridges and tunnels; at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport; and at the Port of Baltimore