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July 28, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                 







BALTIMORE, MD - The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police remind motorists to move over and slow down when approaching emergency vehicles that are on the side of the road. Emergency vehicles are fire trucks, medical rescue vehicles, police cars and tow trucks/vehicle-assistance providers.

"When approaching an emergency vehicle that is on the side of the road, please remember to move over and slow down," said MDTA Police Chief Colonel Jerry Jones. "It is Maryland law, and our emergency responders' lives matter."

Motorists are required by law to move over one empty lane when possible. If they are not able to merge into an open lane or the road they are traveling is one lane, motorists are required to slow down to a reasonable speed limit. move over law also serves to reduce secondary crashes involving approaching motorists and to expedite the overall incident clearance process.

If a motorist is cited for violating the move over law in Maryland, he or she can be charged a fine of $110 and one point on his or her driver's license for illegally approaching an emergency vehicle or tow truck from the rear. If a motorist does not move over one lane and causes an accident, he or she will face a $150 fine and possible three points on his or her driver's license. If the crash results in a serious injury or death, then the motorist will be fined $750 and three points on his or her driver's license with potential to face criminal charges.

The MDTA Police supports the Maryland Highway Safety Office "Toward Zero Deaths" campaign -- a partnership to save lives and prevent injuries on Maryland's roadway. For more information, visit



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