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Currently, wind warnings are in effect at the Bay Bridge (see below for additional details).  Wind restrictions are likely as the storm continues to move into the area.  White-out conditions are expected at the bridge, which may cause periodic traffic holds.  Do not travel unless absolutely necessary, and stay off the road if at all possible.

IN ADDITION, the E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service Center, E-ZPass Stop-in Centers and State offices closed at 11 a.m.  Emergency-essential personnel remain at State offices.  The E-ZPass Interactive Voice Response system (1-888-321-6824) and website ( remain "open" for business.

As necessary, wind warnings and restrictions will be implemented as follows:

Wind Warning (sustained wind speeds or wind gusts of 30-39 mph) -- operators of house trailers, box trailers, motorcycles, vehicles with roof-mount racks containing cargo or any other vehicle that may be subject to high winds are advised to use caution while traveling across the bridge.

Wind Restriction I (sustained wind speeds or wind gusts of 40-49 mph) -- house trailers, empty box trailers or any vehicle that, in the opinion of law-enforcement personnel, may not safely cross the bridge will be prohibited from traveling the bridge.  Motorists who are denied passage will be assisted with safely turning around.

Wind Restriction II (sustained wind speeds or wind gusts exceeding 50 mph) -- only automobiles, pickup trucks, flatbed trailers, commercial buses and heavy-laden tractor/trailers are permitted to cross the bridge.  Tractor-box trailer combinations will not be permitted to cross any bridge if the gross weight is less than 64,000 pounds.

Traffic Holds/Bridge Closure (sustained wind speeds or wind gusts exceeding 55 mph) -- In the event of a sudden increase of sustained wind speeds or wind gusts that could jeopardize life or property, the MDTA may elect to discontinue the movement of traffic across the bridge.

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Thank you for your patience and cooperation.