Oct. 7, 2016




Motorists Urged To Plan Ahead & Allow Additional Travel Time

BALTIMORE, MD - As the City of Baltimore gears up for the Maryland Fleet Week & Air Show, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) reminds motorists to anticipate delays, plan ahead and Stay Alert So No One Gets Hurt.

The Maryland Fleet Week & Air Show will take place Monday, Oct. 10, through Monday, Oct. 17. Throughout the week, event-related traffic may result in delays at the Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95) and along the I-95/I-395 corridor. The heaviest traffic volumes in the area are expected on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Motorists are urged to take the Francis Scott Key Bridge (I-695) if their destinations are north or south of Baltimore. If heading into the city, consider alternate routes such as I-83 or US 40, and from I-95, O'Donnell/Boston Street (Exit 57), Eastern Avenue (Exit 59) or Caton Avenue (Exit 50) to Wilkens Avenue. Note: The Baltimore Running Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 15, and may affect travelers utilizing the Key Highway (Exit 55), O'Donnell/Boston Street and Eastern Avenue exits.

Per the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, no commercial vehicles will be permitted in the Downtown/Inner Harbor areas from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15. Vehicles cannot stop or park on I-95/I-395 shoulders.

The MDTA offers the following tips to plan ahead:

  • For real-time updates on major incidents follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/TheMDTA. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/TheMDTA.
  • To view real-time traffic camera images on MDTA roadways, visit mdta.maryland.gov.
  • For information on the Maryland Fleet Week & Air Show, visit mdfleetweek.com.
  • Consider public transportation - Light Rail, Metro Subway and Local Bus provide transit options. Visit mta.maryland.gov for more information.

Keeping traffic moving as safely and efficiently as possible is the MDTA's priority. The MDTA Police and Vehicle Recovery Units will have additional patrols on duty to respond quickly to incidents and disabled vehicles. The MDTA will lift non-emergency and construction-related lane closures on I-95 south of the Fort McHenry Tunnel on Thursday, Oct. 13, through Sunday, Oct. 16.

For your SAFETY and the SAFETY of other motorists and emergency personnel:

  • Do not park along highway shoulders or stop on bridges to watch the events or ships.
  • Obey posted speed limits and overhead lane-control signals.
  • In the event of a property damage crash, Move It - move vehicles onto a shoulder to exchange information.
  • Move Over when approaching an emergency vehicle or tow truck using visual signals. If you are unable to move over, slow down.
  • Avoid changing lanes while traveling over bridges and through tunnels.
  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt: Seat belts are your best defense in a crash. Buckle up ... that includes your children and other passengers in front and rear seats.
  • Devote your full attention to driving - it is illegal to text and use hand-held cell phones while driving in Maryland.
  • Keep a safe following distance to avoid rear-end collisions.
  • Make sure your vehicle is "road ready."
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled, remain inside and call #77 for assistance.

The MDTA Police will remain vigilant and target aggressive and impaired drivers, seatbelt violators and criminal activity. Citizens may report suspicious or unusual activity by calling 1-800-429-TIPS (8477). The TIPS hotline is staffed 24/7 by members of the Maryland Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes the MDTA Police.

The MDTA thanks motorists for their patience.