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MDTA Traffic Cameras

Traffic CamerasProvided below is a list of traffic cameras located at MDTA facilities courtesy of the Maryland State Highway Administration’s CHART System.  These live traffic camera feeds depict current roadway conditions in real time.  To view a traffic camera, just click on a link below and a live stream will automatically launch. 

To view other traffic cameras located statewide visit CHART to see a complete listing.

  • You must have the latest version of Flash Player to see the video stream correctly.
  • Certain traffic cameras located at I-95 South of 895 split, I-95 North or MD 43, are only available if the cameras are online and transmitting their video stream.

I-695 at KEY BRIDGE Francis Scott Key Bridge
I-895 at O'DONNELL ST Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
I-895 at POTEE ST Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
I-95 at O'DONNELL Fort McHenry Tunnel
I-95 at Fort McHenry Tunnel North Fort McHenry Tunnel Toll Plaza
I-95 at I-395 Fort McHenry Tunnel
I-95 S. of I-895 Split Fort McHenry Tunnel (ETLs Area)
I-95 S. of I-695 Exit 64 John F. Kennedy Hwy. (ETLs Area)
I-95 N. of MD 43 Exit 67 John F. Kennedy Hwy. (ETLs Area)
I-695 W. of I-95 Exit 33 on O/L Fort McHenry Tunnel (ETLs Area)
I-95 at MD 152 John F. Kennedy Hwy.
I-95 at MD 22 John F. Kennedy Hwy.
I-95 at MD 24 John F. Kennedy Hwy.
I-95 N. of MD 279 John F. Kennedy Hwy.
I-95 at Tydings Bridge John F. Kennedy Hwy.
US-50 at Sandy Point Bay Bridge
US-50 at Kent Narrows Bridge Bay Bridge
I-97 at MD-100 US 50 Corridor
US-50 at MD-202 US 50 Corridor
US 301 N. of TOLL PLAZA Nice Memorial Bridge

MD 200 Intercounty Connector (ICC)

East Bound
West Bound
MD 200 EB, Redland Road, MM 3.9 MD 200 WB at I-95, MP 18.6
MD 200 EB,Deckover Approach, MM 4.4 MD 200 WB W. of I-95, MP 18.1
MD 200 EB,Deckover Interior, MM 4.5 MD 200 WB at Briggs Chaney, MP 17.1
MD 200 EB W. of Muncaster Mill Road, MP 5.6 MD 200 WB E. of 650, MP 13.9
MD 200 EB E. of 97, MP 8.7 MD 200 WB E. of 182, MP 11.1
MD 200 EB W. of 182, MP 10.4 MD 200 WB at Longmead, MP 9.6
MD 200 EB at Bonifont, MP 11.8 MD 200 WB W. of MD 97, MP 8.0
MD 200 WB W. of 650 MP 12.9 MD 200 WB, East of Muncaster Mill Road, MM 6.5
MD 200 EB at Creekside, MP 14.9 MD 200 WB, Needwood Road, MM 5.1
MD 200 EB W. of US 29, MP 15.8 MD 200 WB, Deckover Approach, MM 4.7
MD 200 EB E. of US 29, MP 16.2 MD 200 WB, Deckover Interior, MM 4.6
  MD 200 WB, Overhill Road, MM 4.3
  MD 200 WB, N/Metro Access Road, MM 2.9
MD 200 WB, Crabbs Branch Way, MM 2.2

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