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Compliments and Complaints

Complements and Complaints

The Maryland Transportation Authority Police appreciate your feedback on both the positive and negative performances of our police officers and civilian employees. The Citizen's Compliment/Complaint Form can be used for both purposes.

Compliments or complaints regarding MDTA Police employees may be made via the online form below, by telephone, or in writing to the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit:


  1. Complete each section with as much detail as possible.
  2. "Sign" the form.
  3. Submit the form.

By signing this document, I swear or affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the
information contained in this document is factual and correct.


  • Citizens may call any detachment or the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) to make their initial complaint:
    Internal Affairs Unit410-295-8143Headquarters410-537-7777
    Commercial Vehicle Safety410-537-1132Thomas J. Hatem Bridge410-537-1196
    Francis Scott Key Bridge410-527-7600Lane (Bay) Bridge410-295-8146
    Harry W. Nice Bridge301-259-4444ICC410-537-6905
    Tunnel Command410-537-1200
  • Citizens may also make their compliments / complaints in writing to the following address:

    • ATTN: Commander of Internal Affairs
      MDTA Police Internal Affairs Unit
      4330 Broening Hwy
      Baltimore, MD 21222

  • Pursuant to Maryland Public Safety Article Title 3 Section 3-104, a complaint against a law enforcement officer that alleges brutality in the execution of the law enforcement officer's duties must be signed and sworn to, under penalty of perjury, within 366 days after the alleged brutality.

  • False accusations or statements which cause an investigation may lead to civil and criminal actions.

  • The investigator to which the case has been assigned will contact the complainant.